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October cNews Puzzle Answers
1 = G. L. for M.
Answer >>>Giant Leap for Mankind

1 = the L. N.
Answer >>>the Loneliest Number

2 = C. B. as B. as O.
Answer >>>Can Be as Bad as One

2 = N. in a D.
Answer >>>Nickels in a Dime

2 = P. in a P.
Answer >>>Peas in a Pod

3 = B. M. S. H. T. R.!)
Answer >>> Blind Mice, See How They Run!

3 = F. in a Y.
Answer >>>Feet in a Yard

3 = S. to the W.
Answer >>>Sheets to the Wind

4 = S. in a Y.
Answer >>>Seasons in a Year

5 = D. in a Z. C.
Answer >>>Digits in a Zip Code

6 = of O. and a H. D. of the O.
Answer >>>of One and a Half Dozen of the Other

7 = C. in a R.
Answer >>>Colors in a Rainbow : ROYGBIV

8 = L. on a S.
Answer >>>Legs on a Spider

9 = P. in the S. S.
Answer >>>Planets in the Solar System

12 = D. of C.
Answer >>>Days of Christmas

17 = S. in a H.
Answer >>>Syllables in a Haiku

18 = H. on a G. C.
Answer >>>Holes on a Golf Course

24 = B. B. in a P.
Answer >>>Black Birds Baked in a Pie

26 = L. of the A.
Answer >>>Letters of the Alphabet

29 = D. in F. in a L. Y.
Answer >>>Days in February in a Leap Year

36 = I. on a Y. S.
Answer >>>Inches on a Yard Stick

88 = P. K.
Answer >>>Piano Keys

90 = D. in a R. A.
Answer >>>Degrees in a Right Angle

500 = M. in the I. F. H.
Answer >>>Miles in the Indianapolis Five Hundred

1001 = A. N.
Answer >>>Arabian Nights

1440 = M. in a D.
Answer >>>Minutes in a Day

5280 = F. in a M.
Answer >>>Feet in a Mile

20000 = L. U. the S.
Answer >>>Leagues Under the Sea
November cNews Puzzle Answers

Puzzle #1

Turn the grid
upside down

Sorry...That's lateral
thinking for ya.

Puzzle #2

December cNews Puzzle Answers

Puzzle #1

Puzzle #2

Puzzle #3

January cNews Puzzle Answers

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